Monday, April 20, 2009

G nib etc.

Well, I'm busy at the moment with illustration work and I've been painting solidly for the last 3 days. There's paintings covering every available surface, including taped over my computer (I have my reasons). But in the mean time, here's something unrelated I did a while ago.

This is a sketch I did with a G nib, I'm pretty enamoured with these nibs at the moment. It was done in a Moleskine which always acts funny with wet media and the ink bled a bit on it.

Here's the little blighter, this particular one is made by Deleter and as you can see was purchased in Forbid, not one of the usual places I get my art supplies. You get 3 in a pack, which I reckon is to shift more stock. I found an old one I had ages ago (made by I don't know who), it looked broken with the two bits twisted open, but they just popped back into place, neat!

Here's a bunch of my nibs. The one at the top is a Brause 361 and is an old favourite, I'm using it at the moment on my illustrations with acrylic ink and it's working very well on the rough support.


Declan Shalvey said...

Really like that drawing Lisa. It's got a great Dave McKean-ish vibe to it.

Lisa Jackson said...

Well that's a big compliment, he's a fantastic artist.

Stathis said...

Hi Lisa! Great work all around! Got a question.. Should apply watercolour before or after I ink the pencil drawing?
Visit my blog if you have time and give me some feedback. Thanx!
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Lisa Jackson said...

Hi Stathis,
I checked out you your blog, great work!
With the ink as long as it’s waterproof when dry, like indian ink, you can do either, just make sure it’s really, really dry if you’re going to paint over it afterwards. I prefer to ink the picture first and I’ve often painted the watercolour over it too early and had the ink run.
The big problem with using ink and watercolour is finding a paper that works well with both mediums. Something with very little texture is best for the inking.

P Nolan said...

That IS gorgeous - and I agree about the McKean feel - having just been wowed with his presentation at OFFSET over the weekend.

I've never found a nib that I feel really comfortable with yet - apart from going all-out Steadman with big witchpens - but I've made a resolution to redouble my efforts - think I'll try to get my hands on soem of those G nibs!

Lisa Jackson said...


Yep, G nibs are great. Apart from the Brause 361 I haven't had much luck using the other nibs.

Steadman rocks!