Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Snow Days!

Watch out, I'm going to get you with a snowball!

There hasn't been snow like this in Ireland since I was a little kid. I'm remembering what it was like to play in the snow 'til your gloves get soaked through and your fingers go numb.

Yesterday Stephen and I made a snowman out the back of the local Starbucks (and the back of Subway too. Okay, maybe we're not in Ireland, this could be anywhere). I scrounged around in the rubbish and came up with two Volvic bottle tops for the eyes, which couldn't have been better. Stephen called him Paul Newman since they are blue.

We got some photos of the two of us holding Paul Newman's hands, thanks to a couple who were passing, but only some of the photos would work on my femputer. Well, Stephen has them, let's see what he posts.


JayKent said...

love the crunch sound, could march through it all day but had to come in for dinner :(

Lisa Jackson said...

Crunching snow is great. We went out today and it's all turned to sludge, not as much fun to march through.