Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Easel

I've inherited a couple of easels, but this is my first bought specifically for my needs. Stephen bought it for me for Christmas. It's a Mabef M33 easel. It's very tiltable, and most importantly just light enough for me to move about the place (which is some feat with my spaghetti arms), but still sturdy.

Another of his presents is on the floor behind, the Fat Duck Cookbook which is resting on the bookstand my Dad made for me many moons ago. The cookbook has tonnes of Dave McKean's illustrations in it, which is why Stephen bought it for me. I presume he's not expecting any culinary miracles.

The painting on the easel was started before Christmas, I painted it resting on my desk to begin with. I'm much happier painting on the easel.


VickyS said...

lovely easel! i got mine for christmas last year- look forward to seeing the finished painting.

Lisa Jackson said...

Easels are a good thing to ask Santa for, he's got the reindeer power to haul those heavy things.