Monday, August 17, 2009

Acrylic mediums for Glazing

Here are the acrylic mediums I use for glazing. Granted you don't need so many, but I like to experiment to find my favourite. Most importantly all the brands have a gloss and a matte version. This can effect what your doing with the paint, matte's good for drawing on top of and using watered down paint on. Gloss is crisper looking and good for isolation coats, what's an isolation coat I hear you say? What do I look like a walking dictionary!?! Look it up fool!

At the end of the day I keep going back to the Liquitex mediums, the Daler-Rowney stuff's a bit thick and the tub's ridiculous for something of this consistency. The Golden stuff isn't bad, the acrylic ends up looking very delicate like watercolour. The Phoenix and the wolf below were painted with the Golden satin medium.

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