Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inks and New Portfolio Site

I've been doing a bit of inking and while I still love the dip pens I've had a lot of fun with the brushes. The first bear here was inked with a brush and the second one with a G nib, he's not finished yet, but it was mostly an experiment. The trees are inked with a brush pen and a nib.

I've a new site for my portfolio, which I was working on yesterday. There's still more to do apart from uploading the artwork. Having had problems with uploading websites in the past I was a bit confused about what route I should go, until Stephen suggested just making another blog, and reassured me with a "that's what most editors ask for". So I knocked this up in a day. I salute you Stephen and your clever brain.


Declan Shalvey said...

Love the first drawing Lisa. Love, love, love it.

Love you too, wink wink.

Nice one with the portfolio blog too. I follow art blogs cuz i like to see a consistent output of work, but there should be a place where you have your 'showier' pieces.

Lisa Jackson said...

Shucks! Thank you kindly Sir. Meet you behind the bike shed after school, wink wink.