Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ice Dreams illustrations

These are some of the illustrations I did for the book Ice Dreams, written by Grace Wells and Published by O'Brien Press.

Grace's story is warm and witty and just fantastically written. The village of Moutsouna is in trouble after their only source of income, the ice factory, shuts down. The twins have a plan to save the community, but it will take everyone working together to pull it off.

These images are copyright O'Brien Press.

My Colouring on Angel Covers

Okay, I'm finally putting up some of the work I did over the last few months.

Here are the covers I coloured for Angel: After the Fall. The pencils and inks are by a Mr. Stephen Mooney.

I think my favourite is Cover 5, Illyria and 
Gwen getting all charged up in red and blue.